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LIFE REIMAGINED - Color Code and The Master Key Experience

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Let's start with a few questions...

Have you ever felt heavy-hearted after a run-in with your emotionally-reactive (or emotionally distant) teenager? Partner? Friend? It’s as if no matter what you say, it falls on deaf ears… or you don’t feel heard… no resolve.

Feel dismissed or unappreciated by your demanding, arrogant, intimidating boss? He always has to be right. He seems to care only about the bottom line and disregards the feelings and contributions of others.

What about your charismatic, fun-loving friend? You love her… yet you find her frustrating because she’s unreliable, always late and she talks more than she listens.

And why does “Harry” insist on over-analyzing everything? He researches every detail and takes forever to make a decision... it’s so irritating. And by the way… if he has any feelings or emotions at all… someone should tell his face!

If you’ve had similar questions or struggles in your relationships, I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING…. I mean EVERYTHING… changes once you learn Color Code principles and start applying them in your daily life.

I asked all of the above questions (and countless more) as I maneuvered my way through 30+ years of adult life - a college degree, corporate career, successful home-based business, my marriage, parenting 3 very different kids, navigating the logistics of aging parents with my 2 siblings and of course… the rise (and occasional decline) of numerous friendships. Looking back, I realize I navigated all these experiences with no real understanding of what makes people tick. And just as relevant, no idea of what made ME tick.


I first learned about Color Code in 2014 when I received a scholarship for the Master Key Experience (MKE), a 6-month intensive course that stands apart in the world of personal development. Their popular hashtag, #NothingLikeIt, is more than just a slogan. This is a roll-up-your sleeves and do-the-hard-work endeavor, which yields rich, lasting rewards to those who give 100%. The social proof was undeniable - countless success stories from people across the globe, from all walks of life, in different professions. I heard that 93% of class finishers report being happier, healthier and more successful in business.

After 20 years of multi-tasking my way through all those roles and responsibilities, I was facing mid-life feeling tired, out of shape, mediocre in business and quite candidly… unaware of my own true interests. Translation? I had no idea what I truly wanted. When I heard Mark Januszewski, MKE creator, promise that if you do the “hard mental labor” daily, you will not only discover your hearts-desire, you’ll develop new, productive habits and effectively put an end to fear and procrastination...

I was ALL IN.

Color Code is the "currency of communication" within the Master Key community. All members take the personal assessment test and company staff and personal guides are all trained in Color Code. Why is that important? Because with practice, everyone learns how to address one another using language that resonates with the other person. This accelerates trust and harmony between them, which forges deeper engagement and connection with both the material and each other. The result is tremendous growth and progress in the personal and professional lives of the participants.


My work in the Master Key Experience has spanned 7 years - first as a member, then as a Certified Guide and Mentor, and ultimately a partner in the company. This ongoing journey has brought incredible abundance into all areas of my life. I’ve grown tremendously in character, taken control of my thoughts and actions and supercharged both my health and financial position. I’ve discovered (acknowledged, really) my gifts... and found a way to put them into service for the greater good. Dialed in to a perfect partnership and armed with the power of an authentic mastermind, I am charging ahead into the most exciting season of life.

And the most important of Life's 13 riches I’ve claimed? Harmony in my relationships. Because I’ve learned what motivates others and take responsibility to communicate in a language they understand.

Practice makes perfect.

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